An Elusive Kitchen Pair!


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This style fixture was in production from the late 1930s all through to the 1950s, and was ubiquitous in kitchens across America. Strangely though, they are hard to find today.


But, today, I listed a matched pair!


Just wonderful!




My online vintage lighting store.




3 Responses to An Elusive Kitchen Pair!

  1. Hey Ross! I have a few of these in my home! (Along with a few other similar lights.) But my house was built in the 70’s the metal is a coated brass. Could they be fakes or anything else?

      • I see. I never really looked at them and saw their simple beauty till now. I need to clean them up to make them sparkle. I emailed you a few minutes ago about an old house w/one or two images, thanks.

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