The Cross House

An Inching Along Radiator

And…3/4 stripped!!!!!!!!


Carrie suggested a company which offers heat-resistant paints. I called the company, and they kindly sent me a color chart!


I liked the very dark gold, far right column, third from top. I need to also pick a lighter gold to highlight the decorative aspects of the radiator. Thanks, Carrie! The finished result will, I hope, be subtle and elegant.

Tomorrow, I plan to finish the stripping! Then onto repairing the plaster walls of the niche!



6 Responses to An Inching Along Radiator

  1. You ought to make up a resource list for all the odd things you’ve had to track down during this restoration. Given how hard it was to find the radiator paint, and track down someone who knew something about lincrusta, I’m sure others could use your hard won expertise.

  2. What an honor to be thanked publicly on your blog! Good luck with your painting, I can’t wait to see the pictures. Did you receive the email I sent about the best radiator brush design?

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