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An Inching Along Radiator






On Monday, I will order the paint for the radiator. While waiting for it to arrive, my focus will be repairing the plaster and finishing the ceiling.




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  1. That radiator is going to be amazing. The whole niche is going to be inviting and warm! So excited for the end results.

  2. It looks better already. The color is more harmonious with all the wood while the white paint made it stand out in a not so good way. I can’t wait to see the gold!

    • Hi, Cindy!

      The walls were papered originally and I have samples of the 1894 paper. My long-term plan is to have the paper recreated. Short-term, I was thinking of painting the niche in the background color of the 1894 paper: silver. I know, wild!

  3. Silver! Silver! Oh wow! I’d go for something warm that didn’t take from the beauty of the wood and windows but to each his own. No matter what it’s going to be awesome. Can’t wait.

  4. Wow. Now that the white paint is gone, the radiator blends in and the windows stand out, instead of the opposite. It looks soooooo good.

  5. You probably already have a plan in mind but I was able to get really good results airbrushing my radiators. I used two colors and subtly layered them. 🙂

    Here’s one of them (hopefully this works and you can see it!).

    I did a rusty summer cover for a fireplace like that too.

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