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An Uncomfortable Calm

Today, there was no small furry creature racing and careening around the house.

Today, there was no small furry creature nibbling on my fingers and purring as I petted her.

Today, there was no small furry creature attacking crumpled Post-It notes, dive-bombing dust bunnies, and climbing up my jeans.

Today, the house was eerily silent. Uncomfortably silent.

And why?

Because, today new Kitty went to vet to be spayed. I will pick her up tomorrow morning.

She has not been in my life even for three weeks now but today was difficult without her.

Yesterday, I had to put her in the bathroom for the night as she could not eat after 10PM.

This morning, her passive-aggressive displeasure was revealed…


via my iPad charger cable.



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  1. Just a tip from a crazy cat lady… I put my cats in a carrier and put the carrier right beside my bed for the overnight NPO (nothing by mouth). They are much happier being beside me, even confined, then kept in a bathroom. Thank you for being a responsible pet owner. I rescued three kittens this week that were near death. Someone dumped them near our Y. Their eyes were mattered shut, one had horrible outer ear infections, and they were so dehydrated and starved that they had no energy at all. They all pulled through, and one already has a home. I am also fostering a family of seven boy kittens that were semi-feral. We are socializing them. Again, thank you for being a responsible pet owner. I would love to not have to foster kittens because everyone got their cats fixed!

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