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Anaglypta for the Parlor?

This is the original wallpaper in the parlor of the Cross House. It has a classic damask pattern, and, notably, was embossed.


My friend Patricia (PK) suggested using this¬†Anaglypta damask pattern in the parlor, which is also embossed. I had never considered¬†Anaglypta before. Anaglypta, like Lyncrusta, comes in plain white and is meant to be painted. One can paint it a single color, or do something much richer, like…


…this, or…


…this: the dining room of Carla and Tom, and the amazing work they did with Lincrusta wallpaper. Carla did one of her typically dazzling posts on Lincrusta and¬†Anaglypta. Oh, and click on image to enlarge. And prepare to be agog.


Lincrusta offers this border, which my friends Diana and Doug recently installed in their big ol’ 1902 house. I thought it was original! Anyway, this might look good above the picture rail in my parlor. I particularly like the anthemion motif, which reoccurs throughout the Cross House.


The library also needs something. There is very little wall space as bookshelves abound. The only exposed walls are over the mantel and THIN vertical strips between the windows. So, a small-scale pattern would be ideal. This fleur-de-lis Anaglypta pattern is intriguing, particularly as…


Courtesy Historic New England
…fleur-de-lis were in the original wallpaper in the two-story stair-hall. Courtesy Historic New England.


This might also work in the library.
This might also work in the library. Or maybe…


…this? Again, remember that this would be colored. Perhaps to look like old leather? Well, I am not ordering anything today, but Patricia’s suggestions were a fun diversion.





10 Responses to Anaglypta for the Parlor?

  1. I used Ana in my kitchen a few years back. Went up easily, received paint well and topped off with poly. It’s great ! ! Want to add dado panels, from Lincrusta, to foyer. Maybe in January or February.

  2. I think that’s a fabulous idea! While I tend to agree with you that a full period-recreating Victorian interior would be a bit too intense for your everyday life and style, I think the home would look better with something more than plain painted walls. A textured surface like anaglypta, in either solid, or contrasting color could be a perfect compromise. A lot of those photos you posted look very contemporary, but would still fit right in at the Cross house.

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  3. That looks like a lot of fun. I would love to hear how it works if you did it. For what it is worth, I think it would look great.

  4. Have you considered hiring a graphic designer and getting the wallpaper printed through Spoonflower? I use them for my fabric designs and have seen them advertise printing wallpaper. If you are interested in replicating the specific design, perhaps the right designer could help you. (I’m not a graphic designer, by the way)

  5. HA! I love it! I used paper similar on the ceiling in my wee bathroom. I found a square pattern that resembles a mini tin ceiling. Made the icky dry wall w/a hole for a non working electric line look MUCH better. It is something to ponder for the future of Cross House!

  6. I have one caution for you since I seem to remember you have cats. I installed a wall of textured wallpaper in my tiny upstairs half bath. It was a beadboard finish. I painted it a nice shade of turquoise with the rest of the walls very white, and black trim. By the next day, my cats had shredded it all along the bottom. Since then, after reading several books on decorating with pets, I discovered that there is something in the glue that is used in the texturing process that seems to incite passion in cats to claw. My cats have never clawed walls before!

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