The Cross House

Another day. Another tiny bit forward.

The NE corner of the Cross House, a few months ago. I have previously written about the “red door”. Long ago, it had installed on the east wall of the dining room, where a window had originally been. The door proved to be the 1894 south entrance door, and it has now been returned to that location.


This is a 1999 image of the dining room, taken just after Bob and Debbi Rodak had purchased the boarded-up house. In the center is the red door. The adjacent walls are covered with dark paneling, which covered up plaster issues. Click image to enlarge. (Courtesy Bob Rodak)


Opposite, is the intact west window. Under the window is a lovely raised-panel. When the east window was converted to a door, its raised-panel was moved ABOVE the door…


…which you can sorta see here. The panel covered a stained-glass transom.


The NE corner has now been rebuilt, and the non-original door opening converted back to a window. Compare this image with…




Today, the restored stained-glass window was reinstalled!


Whoee! You can see the damaged/missing plaster, long covered by paneling. This will be repaired.


The stained-glass was literally falling apart.




EEK! There was not much there, there anymore. Wanna see the AFTER?


ZOUNDS! Thanks Kansas Heritage Trust Grant!!!!!!!!


And the raised-panel awaits reinstallation. I also need to recreate the missing sash.




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  1. How lovely to have the job to restore the stained glass and then see it displayed in its original setting, after all this time. How amazing that was still there and whole enough to restore. Your house had many guardian angels. Glad you are the latest because you share it with us.

  2. Were you thrilled and giddy removing that dark paneling? I would have been. We removed some in our old house to find plaster that had been scribbled on by children. I mean floor to ceiling, the entire wall was crayon artwork. The main piece was the name “Pam” in 4 foot high letters. I broke out my blue crayon (I was like 15 at the time, no shame) and added a big “S” before the name. So, until my parents could afford the full renovation, their wall said “SPAM” in giant letters. I think it must have been like that for 6-7 years.

    No such surprises when you pulled off the paneling? Other than the lovely gaping holes, of course.

  3. Are you getting the main window made up or is that something you can buy in a store? I don’t know any company that makes single paine windows.

  4. So…are you going to put the dark paneling back? After all, it is technically part of the historic narrative….Just joking, LOL. You are fortunate to have someone who can make your custom sash. I need one, and so far have not been able to locate anyone locally who is able or willing to do it. I know an older gentleman who made them, but he has sold all of his tools and is moving to Florida soon. I should have called him LAST spring…

  5. Ross. I wasn’t going to reply, but just had to let you know that we all just gave a big deep sigh of contentment seeing this door situation being resolved and fixed, and the gorgeous stained glass back in it’s proper place! Thanks for sharing the process with us all!

  6. Every little bit helps and it is so wonderful to see the After photos. Sort of crazy to have covered up a stained glass window. Oh well. Thank God alterations are reversible and original features available! Yay Ross!

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