The Cross House

Another Tick-Tock!

In July, Kenny gifted the Cross House with the FABULOUS mantel clock. But there are eight mantels in the house! So seven more clocks were needed!


Yesterday, during my big city adventure in Wichita, Carl and I stopped by the Old Time Clock Shop. I was agog! The shop is crammed with FABULOUS clocks and all ticking! I was dizzy with excitement. And this clock captured my special attention. So I purchased it!


I liked how the clock complemented Kenny’s clock. The finish is faux marble and there are lovely metal components. I thought those were lions on the side but are they? They look more like doggies!


The face plate is also quite pretty.


The clock works (and chimes!) and has a year guarantee.

Today, I set the clock in place, set the time, and hours later it had kept perfect time. I thrilled when it chimed!

The price for this luscious treasure?


I know! $95! This seems absurd! Who knew that such treasures could be found so inexpensively? Really, I am astounded. And I will be back to the Old Time Clock Shop for more…



11 Responses to Another Tick-Tock!

  1. Yeah! Another beauty Ross. I particularly love the face as well. Congratulations! But tell me, have I created a monster? 🙂

  2. Beauty! Have you checked Polar? I always love spending an afternoon there when I’m home. Dad is a huge clock collector and he always finds a treasure in there. With 6 more mantels to fill they might be able to help. I am also a fan of Polar bc my dad tells us stories of going in there as a kid with my Grandma to buy groceries. I try to imagine the trucks pulled up at the loading docks and what a bustling, busy place it must have been.

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