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Antiques Galore!

The other day I posted about a settee which David brought to my attention. The settee was period-correct for the 1894 Cross House, and budget-correct (meaning not too fancy/simple for the Cross House).

The settee was also close by, inexpensive (because the seller knew it would need to be reupholstered), and my friend Carl picked it up and is storing it until I can get it (likely later this week).

So, as such things go, it seemed as if the gods really want this to happen!

A few days ago, Stewart sent me images of a set which he came across…


…which included three chairs.


Nice inlay details, too!


The chairs seem a bit heavy for the Cross House. I wonder if they are a bit later than the house? The price is quite good but they are very far away; too far to drive.

In addition, I would rather have a settee and two matching chairs as such a set would be ideal for the round receiving room.

Then Travis sent me some images!


This set includes four pieces. A settee, a lady’s couch (“as evidenced by the lack of an arm so that the big bustle dresses wouldn’t impair the comfort of the sitter”), and two chairs.


Love the potted flowers!


Love the Barley Twist details!


This set is more than I can afford right now ($475) and would be a whole day of driving to pick up and return. Not fun!

I love the set though. However, until the cat fence is finished the last thing I need is matching sets of antiques!

Still, it’s great fun…looking! And I thought you might enjoy looking, too!

Thanks Stewart and Travis!



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