ARGH! Making Pocket Doors Work. PLEASE STAND BY…



At least I hope!

I sent my previous post on the subject to Stephen, who has an amazing website. His tagline: Practicing the lost art of maintenance and repair of pocket doors.

Ahhh, THE man!

Stephen replied to me today. I was THRILLED.

He began: “Kudos to your blessed neurosis concerning the restoration of your home  –  and the jewels therein…the pocket doors!!”

He then went on to explain that I had Coburn Mechanisms. Well, who knew? He also explained how I could remove the doors, and attend to the necessary repairs. In a million years I would not have guessed the secret to removing the doors. Just magic.

Magic which Stephen graciously shared.

Yep, THE man.

Please stand by…



A Coburn Mechanism. Courtesy Stephen Thorp.



Courtesy Stephen Thorp.



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