Before. After.


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I came across a whole set of brass and custard glass 1930s fixtures! Two 5-arm ceiling fixtures like this, two 3-arm ceiling fixtures, and six sconces! But the poor dears looked terrible.


But…no longer!


Golly! The 3-arm fixtures.


The sconces.


Love the glass spheres on the larger fixtures!






My online vintage lighting store.




3 Responses to Before. After.

  1. I like these – clean, cool lines, a bit of scallop – dressy and homey. 1930s design is overlooked, in my opinion. 🌻

  2. Gorgeous! Somehow, you need to teach the following generations your restoration techniques. Not just lighting, but house restoration. I know you don’t have time but your wisdom and knowledge needs to passed on. You are a treasure!

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