Before. After.


My online vintage lighting store.


1920s pan-style chandelier. Looked like junk. But…was it?




I like the distinctive two-tone finish.



My online vintage lighting store.




2 Responses to Before. After.

  1. You polished that up beautifully! I have one almost identical that was in far worse shape. After trying to polish it up, I had to resort to painting it instead. I did a two tone paint scheme- deep turquoise with silver accents. Then I found another one! It was in equally bad shape, so I cleaned it up and painted it to match. I love that they focus the light down, where it is needed.

  2. What I can really appreciate about your process over other lighting restorers is that you took this light, which likely cost you less than $50, that which almost everyone else would have passed on, and made it into something valuable again.

    Even though I hate pan lights, I love seeing something that I would have regarded as “junk” saved from the scrap heap.

    I try my hardest when I’m hunting for new inventory to only buy the highest quality stuff, that which would have been in mansions. Maybe I need to branch out more, and pander to these easy pickings…

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