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So, David reads this blog, lives nearby in Wichita, and I had invited him for a tour of the Cross House if he was ever in town. Last week, he accepted my invite, and we spent hours going up/down the many floors of the house and many rooms, sharing a mutual passion for old houses. As he was ready to depart, he opened the trunk of his car, and handed me a pair of sconces. He had been given the pair, and thought I might find a use for them. My first thought was…ugh. But, well, ah, gee, maybe…



…I could make them look good. And I did! I initially thought the sconces were recent. But the wiring proved to be 1950s, way older than I had thought. This is when I got excited. The sconces are also in the Hollywood-Regency style, and, hey, who doesn’t love anything Hollywood-Regency? The leaves and vines also proved to be hand done, and with variations between each sconce. In the end, what seemed initially unprepossessing proved pretty cool.



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  1. David on May 31, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    Ah, ye of little faith. I had more confidence in your restoration talents than you did.

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