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I found this online. Sad, right? It just looks like nothing. Right? As I stared at the image though I realized that the fixture was by Gill Glass. Oh. I love Gill Glass. And, I had never before had this particular fixture. So, as I pondered, lust swelled in my heart.


The fixture arrived. Undamaged thankfully. It was apparent that it once had crystals hanging around the stem above the shade. But what style crystals? There are like a zillion to choose from. And I wanted, damn it, the historically correct crystals! The finial on the bottom was also missing. Argh! And what did IT look like? Quite vexed, I scoured my extensive library for an original catalog image. I only have three Gill catalogs and none included this fixture. Argh!!!!!!!! Quite frustrated, I opened a book I have on vintage lighting…and…found…



…this! Oh my! I was SO excited! For, THERE are the missing crystals and THERE is the missing finial on the bottom! Well, my elation was considerable. And the results?



Zounds! The fixture is from the late 1930s, and named Bellefont. It was offered in three finishes. I have the “stained bronze” version.


3 - 1

The shade is amazing, and features wisteria!!!!!!!!



I was able to exactly match the lost crystals, and found a very similar finial. Whoee!!!!!!!!




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