The Cross House

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  1. I just love that the Cross House took the time to get all gussied up for my Birthday! Just loved these posts today!

  2. It’s amazing how much the tin detailing stands out when it’s all in one color. It looked atrocious before. And the stained glass windows really stand out, too, against the dark olive. The colors are just so perfect for the house.

  3. Hi Ross, Love a good before and after! Question: Any thought on continuing the center window trim down along the 2nd floor center arched window on the main facade sooner rather than later? (I remember you did a post on the original poorly detailed paneling that had to be removed). Without worrying about replicating the paneling profile to be water resistant- center portion could perhaps remain shingles for now- it would really finish off the front facade and visually tie into the full arches of the side ‘diamond brooch’ windows as well…Keep up the *amazing* work!

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