The Cross House

Before. After.

BEFORE. The stained-glass window from the telephone closet. Poor dear.


AFTER! Only a single piece of glass was replaced. At my request, the other cracked pieces were glued together. I much prefer this to discarding damaged historic glass. The stained-glass was restored as part of the Kansas Heritage Grant. Thank you!!!!!!!!


And with light from behind. ME HAPPY!






5 Responses to Before. After.

    • Hold a seashell to your ear and you can hear the ocean (no matter how far away from it you are). Maybe that’s why they decided it was an appropriate motif for a telephone closet.

  1. Hey Ross, When the stained-glass was restored, did they use the copper-foiling method or lead cames? It’s my understanding that they hold up equally well as long as the window has an exterior storm. I know they were done as part of the grant by an outside company, but I’m wondering if you might have any insight. Thanks!

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