Before. After.


I found this online. This was the best image. I immediately liked that it had two tiers. But was it complete? It was $$$, too, so I was nervous. But I stared and stared and decided to take a chance.


And, oh, am I glad I id.

And, oh, am I glad I did. Oh my!



The whole fixture abounds with luscious, gorgeous details.





6 - 1

I love these serpent medallions!



My online vintage lighting store.





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  1. Carole Sukosd on August 19, 2016 at 10:18 am

    If I had a castle I’d purchase it! Please tell us the era, type style of home, and the original metal. It looks so majestic. Fine (fun) job Ross. You teach us much along the way. Thank you for sharing/teaching ! !

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