Before. After.

I purchased this circa-1950 chandelier for two reasons. First, it had five original wheel-cut glass shades. Second, I wanted to rescue it from its ignominious fate. I wanted to do this badly. You see, the fixture had been “super-sized” with a lot of extra bling. This is NOT how it looked originally. The poor dear. Wanna see it now?


Better! You can now really appreciate the shades, the dazzling glass bowl on the bottom, and the glass vase.


And there is still some bling! I have previously sold the same fixture so knew how to resurrect its beauty.


The designs are cut into the glass by a wheel.
The designs are cut into the glass by a wheel.


Yummy. Well, I find such work oddly satisfying. It’s like a bit of wrong in the world has been righted.




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