The Cross House



The Cross House, 1999. This was the house at its low point, and when Debbi and Bob Rodak purchased the house.


The Cross House when I purchased it in March, 2014.


The Cross House about May 2014. Only a few changes have been made. You see my two new flower pots at the porch steps. No flowers yet. I am playing with paint colors next to the front door. The porch ceiling fans, and white storm doors, have been removed.


The Cross House, December 2014.


Most of the west facade has now been repainted in the original colors. An 1895 image guided me as to WHAT colors went WHERE (along with paint scrapes), and also confirmed that the distinctive huge curved cornices were originally painted all one color, including the dramatic stamped tin swirls. The swirls are not readily evident in the image but are obvious in person.

Most of the windows are temporarily covered in plexiglass while the window sashes are being restored. You can see some newly restored sashes in place. The flower pots are inside for the winter.

The big push for 2015 is to paint the north facade, and re-install all the missing porch columns, porch railings, and porch lattice. This will make a HUGE difference and I am breathless with anticipation.

In a few week six porch columns will be returning from the column hospital. I will paint them (inside where I have heat!), then reinstall them. In 2015 I will have four more columns made. Then, ALL the columns will be back!!!!!!!

All the porch lattice will be new, and exactingly matched to the original bits remaining. Most of the porch railings are, amazingly, intact (and stored away). They will return in 2015. Whoee!

In the image you can see a section of black tarpaper on the second floor. If weather permits I should have that area re-shingled within a month. I may not be able to paint till spring though. Poo.

I have applied for a grant. If this gets approved, in 2015 the tower roofs, and the porch roofs, will be redone (among other vital projects). Pray for me. Well, pray for the Cross House!

Oh, that is the carriage house over to the right.

5 Responses to BEFORE and AFTER

  1. What a difference you’ve already made to the dear old girl. The Rodaks did a lovely job of saving her life, but I love the original colours. It’s just coming alive! How exciting to see the progress. Prayers forthcoming šŸ™‚

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous exterior colors! No offense meant, but much more inviting, aesthetically pleasing and warm than the previous colors. Delicious colors. Delicious house.

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