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Bounty Kat



This is Sid. He was originally a neighbor’s cat. Then she moved…and left him.

Another neighbor took him in. He’s incredibly sweet. Then she moved…and left him.

Sigh. So, I have been feeding him. During the winter, I made a special box for him to snuggle in.

Three nights ago, while I was less-than-sober, I let him into the house. He spent the night sleeping right next to me. While Gray glowered to my other side, and New Kitty fled.

Last night I let him in at dusk again. And tonight. He’s so gentle and so sweet and yet he has been abandoned twice. The poor dear. A such, I am telling Gray and New Kitty to chill!



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  1. Naw Sid is very sweet. How can people just abandon a pet. A pet is for life. They become a member of your family. They wouldn’t abandon their grandmother would they? Or maybe they would. I’m glad Sid found a new nice family.

  2. I just don’t understand how people can abandon their pets… mine are my children…I picked up a second job to offfset the cost of having two special needs babies. They are both seniors now, and I have had them since kitten hood. Hats off to you Ross, and your desire to give pets and places a second and third chance at life! And cats really are like potato chips you can’t have just one or two or three! Haha!

  3. I abhor humans who abandon their furry friends!! ARGH! You are a very good man, Ross; please let Sid stay with you and Gray and New Kitty! I believe that it’s meant to be. Look at him! He is a DARLING. Bless you, Ross, for your kind heart.

  4. Ugh, not what you wanted, but how can we animal folks say no. Looks like a beautiful kitty. Grey and New Kitty will just have to adjust.

  5. Ok Ross just let him stay. You know you will. I have a new name for you……CATMAN! The hero for our cute furry friends. I know you can’t resist an orphaned kitty.

  6. It makes me so mad how people move and leave their cats! I know they’re not people, but we wouldn’t abandon a human child like that. It breaks my heart. Thank you for treating him kindly. He is a beautiful cat. I can’t imagine walking away, not caring how he feels and leaving him at the mercy of the elements and more people who don’t care. You are literally a lifesaver, Ross – I adore you for caring.

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