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Building Scaffolding…While Drunk

Today, Justin and I got really drunk and added a top-tier level to the scaffolding.


Yes, I’m kidding. We were quite sober but doesn’t the scaffolding look like it was built by drunks? When Justin and I finished we stood on ground level…and burst out laughing. It looks SO crazy!

The new level will allow the huge cornice to get painted, as well as finishing the shingling on the west side of the corner.


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  1. I love the way that you placed the supports at angles that support the place you stand, create a rail farther out than that deck, and will easily support the worker,(you), in a safe and well thought out manner. The ties to the two east facing walls at the ends make it much safer. Drunk, hardly, but it is a catchy word to make us look!

    • All the crazy angled 2x4s are that way because of how they meet the angled roof, Stewart. The railings align with the outer edges of the 2×12 deck boards. It’s all quite safe and sturdy even though it looks otherwise!

      • -I knew that, which is why I remarked that you could never have done it properly if you had been drunk. Well done. I am suitably impressed. I never thought that the angles were crazy because I can see the way they will transfer the weight.
        -I had resisted the impulse to say that I had thought you had done most of the rest of the work on the house while having had a drink or two because some might not get it that I was kidding.

    • I rarely ever climb the scaffolding, Jenine. Normally, I use a window, porch roof, or, in the case, the sleeping porch.

  2. This corner perspective makes me wonder: Will the shingles on the second floor of the east side require a similar level of restoration to what you’re now doing on the south side, or will it be more of just a paint job?

  3. Hey Ross

    I know there were a lot of tornadoes in Kansas yesterday. Hope you and everyone, your neighbors and loved ones are all ok.

    We had one in Jersey. And once I remember having one here a few years ago.

    Greetings from New York.

  4. Ross, you are the Picasso of scaffolding. You must have a serious eye for all manner of geometries, stress distribution, triple periodic minimal surfaces (I really don’t know what that is) in the art of scaffold construction. To me, who is quite sober, it looks like it would collapse under the weight of two snowflakes. While I would never go up there, I admire your genius.

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