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Can This House Be Saved? 1313 Fairmount, Wichita, Kansas.

Last year, my friend Carl showed me a house in Wichita he was thinking of buying.


The price? Like $8K. Yes, the price of a very very very used car.


The house was thrillingly original and GORGEOUS. My God, look at all that scrumptious detail!




MY GOD! I was salivating at all this beauty.


Many of the windows were jewel-like knock-outs.


Carl, who was already restoring two houses, realized he could not take on another project. The house appears to have sold, but no work has commenced and the house looks the same today.


Two houses to the north was a twin. Was. Will this fate befall 1313? Or will somebody save the glorious beauty of 1313?




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  1. Someone flipped a Victorian in our old neighborhood and did the same thing. They even painted it the same poop orange color, top to bottom, trim and everything. How does anyone think that looks good?

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