The Cross House

Cody Scores! AGAIN!

Cody purchased these INCREDIBLE sconces for nothing on eBay! The sconces have electric arms (to each side, pointing down) and a gas arm (center, pointing up). One electric arm is missing its acanthus leaf socket cover but that should not be too hard to replace.


The sconces are of a style that was popular in the 1880s and 1890s, and whenever I see this style fixture I always think of the Park Avenue Armory Veterans Room in New York City.


And, you can see why. The room recently completed a stunning restoration and the original gas fixtures were transformed into LED fixtures. Amazing. The work was done by AURORA LAMPWORKS.


In Cody’s favorite-ever house on Earth is this 1890s original chandelier of the same style.


Cody dreams about being able to own the house, someday. I told him that I first saw the Cross House in 1999 and fell passionately in love. But, buying it was not a remote possibility. I thought: That will never happen.

Then in 2014 I purchased the house.

Life is strange. And miracles do happen.

Let’s all cross our fingers for Cody. He needs a place for his sconces.



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  1. I agree with Stewart, Cody should have a blog of all his sconces and history information. Plus, I think, Ross should will the Cross house to Cody. I think he would be the perfect care taker. What say you Ross??

      • I’m not quite the master that Ross is, but I do alright. It’s more of a hobby and addiction for me than it is a business for me right now. I would love to elevate it to that level someday, when I’m done with school and have room to store inventory.

        • No one is born a master of anything. You are on a path that will lead you there. The more that you do, the more that you will learn. As you learn things in different fields, your mind will make connections while you aren’t expecting it that will amaze you. Even people who consistently work at something they don’t even enjoy can gain mastery. If you are spending a lot of time doing something that you love it will come more quickly. People will start to tell you that you are a master when you are doing things that seem so easy to you.

          Suddenly, after years of protesting that it was nothing, you will realize that you are a master of your interest.

          For those who appreciate Seinfeld humor…….it does not require that you be a “master of your domain”.

  2. Don’t worry Cody. I started collecting furniture at thrifts, a lot of furniture. So much furniture that my house mate threatened me with eviction if I didn’t stop. People would ask why I needed five sets of andirons, dozens of chairs, multiple bed sets, countless rugs & mirrors. I responded “Someday I may get lucky and have a mansion and need all this stuff.” Nothing worse than an empty mansion. A few years later I was moving a packed 36’ Semi-Truck of furniture into my newly aguired 1909 Mansion. So pooh-pooh to everyone who called me a hoarder. Doesn’t look like hoarding when you spread it out over four floors-lol. Keep buying till the house finds you.

    • That’s EXACTLY my logic. I have chandelier and marble vanities (much to Ross’ chagrin), lamps and tables, antique wall art and a couple parlor sets…all squirreled away waiting for the day that I get MY mansion.

      • I bought a marble corner sink about 35 years ago because I loved it and it was dirt cheap. I carted that thing around to 4 different houses–none of which had the perfect spot for it. Last spring, it debuted in my newly remodeled guest bathroom. It’s perfect and my craziness was vindicated!

  3. This is more my speed. LOTS more bang for slightly more buck. Location isn’t an issue for me. I’m not particularly tied to my family or a career just yet. Hoping to stay in the Midwest, though. Like, a KS, MO, IL, IN, OH/MI belt.

  4. The lighting is what ultimately does it for me! I’m more than happy to bring my collection to the table when considering a house, but extant original lighting is something to strive for. I’m also a big proponent of brick construction, especially in the Midwest. Lower maintenance, and I like the look. And that inglenook fireplace tucked under the stair….*sigh*.

    • Wow, that house is just WOW! Part of me says, stop looking until you can really buy, otherwise it’s just torture. But how can you not look??

      • The day I stop looking at real estate will be the day I die. Even when I settle on a home eventually, I will still continue to look, daily.

        Half of my knowledge on period style and design has been self taught, by way of browsing through listings all day, every day. Constantly immersing myself in photos of period interiors has enabled me to develop quite the “eye”. I know what I’m looking at and for.

        I’m pursuing a degree in interior design, but historic styles aren’t taught in school anymore. This is something I’ve had to learn of my own accord. It’s been VERY hard for me to not be able to scoop up some of the bargain knockouts I’ve run across over the years, but it will be my turn eventually.

        • You sound like you have a great attitude. Too bad they don’t teach about the historic design. I think it’s hugely important. But, what do I know…I too look at real estate, old and new all the time.

        • Dear Cody,
          -It is quite obvious that Ross isn’t the only one who finds your energy attractive and really likes you and your attitude.The thing about old houses is that they want you to buy the.
          -I know, it sounds crazy, but they want you to make the offer that you can do!
          -If you find the right house, and don’t have the down payment, get your web site started with a go fund me for the down payment. There are so many saps like me who would give you something toward your dream house. Get us following you, and we will, as they say, avert your eyes ( I mean stop reading), if you are looking for political correctness. I like your energy. The sooner that you buy your first house, the more that you will learn.

    • You realise we all absolutely want you to buy this now, right? haha.

      Is that an ice house in picture 12? All I know about those is the mention in What Katy did, but it looks right to me.

    • Cody… the fretwork in the hall is AMAZING… this house is just wonderful. I hope you find the one with your name on it soon, so you can enjoy it all for many many years. June

  5. Cody, you maybe interested in The Winchester mansion. It’s got great, if not tragic history. Located in San Jose, CA. It is filled with Tiffany windows and lighting. Its well worth a tour.

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