Collecting Whole House Sets

shades are thick glass and feature lovely grape-vine centers.

I love finding and collecting whole house sets. Today I listed a set of eight 1940s fixtures by Virden, from their Meredith series. It took years to collect so many, so it was a thrill to finally list them. Save the new sockets, all the parts are original. For example, on this chandelier, the brass ceiling mount, chain, finial cone, and glass finial are all original. It is hard finding these fixtures with all their respective components.


Gorgeous when lighted.

Gorgeous when lighted.


All the shades are thick glass and feature lovely grape-vine centers.

All the shades are thick glass and feature lovely grape-vine centers. This chandelier would be ideal for a dining room.



There is a large surface-mounted fixture, ideal for a living room.



A sweet pendant for a foyer or smaller bedroom.



Another pendant. Ideal for over  breakfast table?



Amazingly, there are also sconces! FOUR drop-dead sconces.



Big yummy.



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  1. Carole. Canton Ohio on May 14, 2016 at 2:30 pm

    You indeed have a beautiful business. The love of your work truly shows.

  2. Cindy Sundell-Guy on May 16, 2016 at 12:29 am

    I have been looking at your wonderful light fixtures. I have several and a lot of parts that I will eventually gather up and want to sell or barter.
    I currently have a White, Electric, 40 inch Westinghouse Custom Imperial kitchen stove. Lights, Double oven and all 4 burners work. Full bottom drawer for pots and pans storage. Probably a KAA40 from 1957. My Father-in-law bought it off of KG&E’s showroom floor when it first was introduced. All the bells and whistles of the time such as timer for large oven, glass window, place for appliances to plug in. It has always lived in the same clean home and always been used. Cooks and bakes well. Thought you might know of someone redoing a house that needs this. Cindy Sundell-Guy Phone or text 316-264-2121 I can send pictures.

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