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Colorful Fussing


Still in the grip of Fussy, I went out to the small north porch. Everything under a converted porch gets amazingly dirty as rain is unable to wash everything. So the beautiful triple stained-glass windows, restored last year, were dirty. Really dirty! EEEK! As was the window sill. But, no more!


Remember the Before? Yikes!


And from inside. Pretty!



6 Responses to Colorful Fussing

  1. You must pinch yourself all the time, saying, wow, this is my house! Those windows are so beautiful and ornate! You are a lucky man!

  2. I’ve said it before, those windows are just dead sexy, the colors just pop. Waiting with bated breath to see the niche painted and ready for the party.

  3. You think things get dirty because they are not out in the rain? Well you are so wrong. You would not imagine the amount of black grunge I have to scrub off of my house each year simply because it IS in the rain. Nasty dirty rain. It turns my white fiberglass doors grey. The white aluminum trim BLACK. Hard to believe? I left a CLEAN bowl outside on the steps last week when I got caught in a cloud burst. A quarter of an inch of “fresh” country rain later, this is what was in it
    BTW, Your windows look gorgeous. Probably not as gorgeous as those three restored basement windows, but still pretty nice!

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