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When I talk with Trump supporters one thing I hear a lot is: “Hey! The economy is doing well!”

I have two immediate thoughts in response.

ONE: Is that all that matters to you? I mean, doesn’t it bother you that a man who bragged about sexually abusing women is in the Oval Office? Doesn’t it matter to you that the man is also a racist, xenophobe, and misogynist? Doesn’t it matter to you that the man is a proven liar (he lies far more than he tells the truth), has put utterly incompetent people in charge of various critical agencies, and has asked THE most alarming question ever: “What is the point of nuclear weapons if we don’t use them?”  Doesn’t it matter to you that the man denies climate change? And…doesn’t it matter to you that the man ever-more appears to be a Putin puppet?

TWO: Trump cannot take credit for the economy. Why not? Because no President can claim credit (or take blame) for the economy in their first year in office. This is properly attributed to their predecessor. And the stock market experienced a HUGE upswing under Obama. It was just below 7,000 when he took office, and he handed Trump a market at 18,250. So, wow. Thanks, Obama!


George W. Bush inherited a thriving economy from Bill Clinton. Bush left a ruined economy for Obama. Obama left a thriving stock market for Trump. Thanks, Obama!


Thanks, Obama!


I predict that Trump will ruin the economy, beginning next year. Why do I state such a thing? Look at history. Since at least Truman, every Republican President (save Reagan’s second term) ruined the economy.


In dozens and dozens of tweets, Trump claimed that the dramatically falling unemployment numbers during the Obama years were fake news. Now that Trump is in charge he has embraced the very same stats he previously decried as fake.  I repeat: Trump has embraced the very same stats he previously decried as fake.


Thanks, Obama!


Trump lies 69% of the time. This SHOULD terrify every American. But his supporters believe his every word.


By way of contrast, Obama told the truth 76% of the time.


Trump often tweets about some great job-creating deal he made but a few minutes of fact-checking proves almost all these claims as false. Trump will take credit for X factory opening but a quick fact-check proves that the land was purchased five years ago, construction took four years, and the factory opened in 2017. How is Trump responsible for this?

Trump also brag tweets about renegotiating better deals for America but, again, a quick fact-check will disprove such claims.

When I mention all of the above to a Trump supporter I, without exception, receive the same response. They don’t believe me. They know Obama wrecked the economy and that Trump has saved it. Even though not a shred of evidence supports this.

Not. A. Shred.

But, as I have learned, Trump supporters are hostile to reality.

I fear for America. I really do.





  1. Mary Ann on November 16, 2017 at 7:43 pm

    Thanks for this, Ross…I actively worked on getting rid of Canada’s PM Harper and BC’s Premier Clark…now I am on to working on impeachment for our Liar in Chief and supporting Justice Democrats ( Being a dual citizen (and a world citizen) and political, I relish the thought that people are getting involved in this type of discussion!! The more the better. Let us all get out there and do the work…whether it is voicing our opinion or engaging in discussion or more…Freedom Isn’t Free! P.S. I feel sorry for his supporters. Sad.

  2. Carla B on November 16, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    Applause, applause. Well said, Ross. No other words need to be spoken.

  3. Jonathan Wilkerson on November 16, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    It completely baffles me how people support him. Their excuses always end up like “He speaks his mind and I like that!” Other various excuses horrify me. As well as the excuse that its simply political. As in they’re perfectly fine with WHATEVER he does, because he is republican, and a white MALE. I always hear how they think hes better than “crooked H/killary” When in reality, there has been no evidence at all to her “corruption” in the cases they would spew. And in reality, trump is far more crooked than Hillary(who I might add is far more graceful, witty, kind, and reasonable) There is rock solid evidence that trump has MANY ties with Russia, as well as cheating, not paying contractors, sabotage in the presidential run, and many, many more crimes, including those against women. I am baffled that all people care about is the economy and how they think its because of trump.

    Trump will always take credit for any good that happens under his regime, even if he had NO part in it. Just as he is doing everything in his power to reverse all the good obama did.

    • Ross on November 16, 2017 at 9:23 pm

      Thank you, Jonathan.

      I am just as baffled.

      Oh, and I used to work for Trump in the 1980s.

      He stiffed me. Twice.

      • Jonathan Wilkerson on November 16, 2017 at 10:01 pm

        It baffles me that someone can sit there and do that to people, then turn around and become POTUS. I feel for you and the countless others who have been hurt by his horrible actions.

  4. Kerri on November 20, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    Hi Ross! The reason they don’t believe you is because they think that the mainstream media lies. For along time, Republicans have felt that the media has a bias in favor of Democrats and Trump has taken it a step further by convincing his supporters that they are actually lying. The only way for the mainstream media to combat this is to just state facts and stop being openly hostile to him. It just feeds their delusion.
    For the record, although i have been a Republican in the past, I truly loathe Trump and I’m hoping he either goes to jail, gets impeached, or gets bored and quits! I wish the Republican politicians would stand up to the base and just tell them that, “no, you don’t get to vote for a lunatic! You can either vote for us mainstream Republicans or the Democrats.” I use to really like politics, but I’m soooo tired of it.

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