The Cross House

Gas/Electric Swivel Sconces! At Last!

A few days ago, Cody brought to my attention a pair of gas/electric SWIVEL sconces.


I need many many many pairs of gas/electric sconces for the Cross House. And such sconces are hard to find.

But they also need to swivel. And such a feature is incredibly hard to find. Indeed, the pair Cody found was the first I had ever seen.

The swivel feature is vital because of how most of the sconces in the Cross House were placed originally. Like, some are on the sides of the chimney breast. They would look funny if they could not angle forward.






Swivel! The candle is a gas jet.






And back to Cody’s pair.


When I first looked at these sconces I was SO excited!

Then I noticed some…oddities.

The shade did not seem right. The shade holder seemed way off. Normally for the period would be an exposed brass socket and with a simple shade fitter attached.

And the candle was actually a candle! But Cody said he had a stash of glass candles and could send me a pair.

I did like how the sconces were just a bit fancy.

Anyway, I dithered. I bothered Bo. And dithered some more.

I realized that I could easily get the right kind of shade. I could also remove the fitter and replace it with a period socket/fitter.

So, I wrote the seller and said that, as I did not need the shades, could they perhaps offer a price reduction?

They agreed.

So today I purchased the pair!


And they will go on each side of the mantel! Thanks, Cody!!!!!!!!



14 Responses to Gas/Electric Swivel Sconces! At Last!

  1. To be honest, the first time I saw these, I almost purchased them for myself! But then I thought about how much more fitting it would be that they end up in the Cross House than in my apartment. I can’t WAIT to see them installed!

    -Whenever you receive them, measure the diameter of the opening where the glass candles will sit. I have many different kinds, and they all vary slightly, and you don’t want to force them in, chipping or shattering them.

  2. I have long been amazed how they would run electrical wiring alongside gas back in those days… It seems so incongruous now, and I am sure would be considered dangerous. The SWIVEL sconce is a beauty, but where is the valve for the gas?

  3. Ross, do you ever come to First Fridays in The Bottoms in Kansas City? I’m wondering if you might strike gold and find some appropriate style/age sconces there! I always see the neatest stuff there. Next time I go, I am going to start looking for you. You are still welcome to my baseboards if you think you might find somewhere you’ll need them. I wish I could give you a tour of the old Victorian that we owned before we moved up north by KC. It had been condemned by the city (Clinton) and was resurrected by a master woodworker, who was probably in his 70s when he started the restoration on the house. It is a beautiful house and I was sad to sell it but my husband used to travel nearly 1.5 hours each way to/from work!

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