The Cross House

…getting READY!

In order to paint and stencil the parlor I needed to remove the furniture (check!) and cover the floor (check!).


The stencil on the right is for the walls. I had the stencil company reduce the pattern so I could use it for the frieze (above the picture rail)!!!!!!!!


The ceiling stencils will soon be here!

And the picture rail is now on site!

I have to order the metallic powders for the stencils (pearl, gold, and copper) and am hoping to accomplish that this weekend!

So…soooooooooon….there will be loveliness in the parlor! I am breathless with anticipation and excitement!

(And, did you see this post?)


4 Responses to …getting READY!

  1. Will you be able to move in soon?

    Also, thank you for introducing the servants stairs. I always wondered what it must have been like using them as hired help.

  2. We are all starting to catch a glimpse of what ol’ HC and Susan saw when they walked into their new front parlor for the first time, and what we see looks great!!

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