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Golly! What a Wednesday!

Krystal in the library…sewing draperies!!!!!!!! I am still amazed that somebody drove all the way from Vancouver, BC, to help the Cross House! Krystal is a friggin’ GODDESS!


While Krystal sewed, other things were afoot! This, for example, is the previously seen east extension. A few months ago. And…


…yesterday! And…


…today! WHOEEE!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to get the diamond-paned window back in! Soon. Soon! And…


…THIS is never seen (on this blog) NE corner. It seems that in the 1960s the Toms, who owned the house from 1960 to 1992, took out a window in the dining room and replaced it with an interior door taken from the south vestibule. As the house was, during their occupation, a motel, boarding house, fraternity, and sorority, this allowed the Toms, quite understandably, a private entrance. Note also the missing siding and water table (the trim under the siding).


However, this window-to-door alteration upset my delicate sensibilities. So, IT HAD TO GO. And today Justin and Scott removed the red door and its frame and also repaired the newly discovered rotted studs.


This is SO not a thrilling image but I am thrilled nonetheless. All the rotted structural framing has been replaced, the red door removed, and the original window size recreated. Justin and I were astonished (and delighted) to discover the 1894 window frame almost entirely intact under the non-original door frame! Even the sash weights are in situ!!!!!!!! Only the window sill needs to be recreated! Zounds!


AND!!!!!!!! The Cross House is, inexplicably, missing all its picture rail! Oh, the horror! Because the original rail was larger than normal I had a somewhat difficult time finding a source to recreate this all-important feature. The rail arrived in a LONG tube (right)!


There are fewer things in life which give me a greater thrill than recreating lost features!!!!!!!!


REDUX: All hail the Goddess!!!!!!!



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  1. Outstanding progress! Will the old red door be relocated to its original spot? And is the stained glass transom above the window still in good shape?

    If Krystal wants a (much shorter) road trip she’s more than welcome at my 1904 Queen Anne in beautiful Bellingham!

  2. Ross, today was indeed a very exciting day!!!! Lots of exciting stuff happened and got done!!! And that open door was in the room I used to measure the drapes – it was COLD! lol But I felt like I was a part of history in the restoring. Surreal.

    Also fun was getting to know Robert Irvine aka Justin. And finally met Scott. It’s neat to be able to read the names or see pics and say “I know them!”.

    By the way…..I’m no goddess, but I am spectacular! (and humble) xoxo

  3. For some reason I too am tickled that Krystal came. It is such a great part of humanity (and the power of the internet) to make things like this happen.

  4. Love the house, love your story, love your dedication to preserve the timeless architecture of that beautiful house, love your sense of humor in your writing! My hats off to you from Bryan in Louisiana.

  5. My newly tuned up serger has decided to misbehave this morning, so I will take that as “I’m done” for now. Sadly I didn’t get all the drapes done for the second room, but at least it’s cut and deconstructed for the next Bette to take it over!

    I now leave, and head West. Where am I going? not sure, but I’ll know when I get there!

    Thank you, Ross, for allowing me the experience of a lifetime. Friends forever.
    Hugs to last.

  6. I am curious why the picture rail is primed wood when it would be easier if it was natural oak, presuming that the feature matched the grained trim. Of course, it could have been painted gold. Do you have any idea how the original was finished?

    • Almost all the trim in the house retains its original painted faux wood finish. So, I ordered painted picture rail, which will get painted to match the painted faux wood finish on the adjacent trim.

  7. Ross, I am so enjoying your blog and the details you put in each post it is like reading a good book. It makes you think you can not wait to read what happens next! I also would like to thank you for your post: 2016 The Year-End Update THE ROSS. It was VERY SPOT ON. Living in Texas sometimes it feels like you are alone and everybody else’s opinion about what has happened is correct. I know that writing this was so hard for you bringing up the past so, again, Thank You.

    I have been meaning to write sooner but I found a house you will have to see to believe. It looks like any other house on the outside being built in 1955. Try not to faint when you see the kitchen, here.

  8. One can source excellent large picture rail moulding that is not finger-jointed here.

    I used it in my library and am very pleased with the quality, price, and design.

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