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Months ago I installed a section of railing, bringing back a long lost feature. I thought ALL the railings would be installed by the end of 2016 but, well, sigh. I also never got around to painting the rail. Today though was gorgeous, and my neighbor Eric suddenly showed up. With a paint brush in hand! “What can we paint?” he asked. I knew just the thing…




The painted rail surprised me how much better it, and everything around it, looked! Now I REALLY wanna get the rest of the railings in! Then onto the lattice!



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  1. Lovely, Ross! And that answers my questions regarding the railing colors of a couple weeks ago. Looks like you put today’s wonderful weather to excellent use! Bravo!

  2. Ross, you appear to make so much painting progress so quickly. Of course, one secret is your unremitting toil, but I must ask, do you prime? WV is almost a rain forest in some seasons, and to paint, I wash with anti-mildew, rinse, let dry, prime (sometimes two primers on old weathered wood–first 50% turps/linseed mix, dry, then oil base primer, dry, then final color coat.

    • I use a latex primer from SW, which I did a blog post a while back on.

      The stuff dries quite fast in good weather.

      Then 2 coats of latex final coats.

      Everything is sanded first, usually down to bare wood/metal. When the exterior is finished 97% of the paint will not be older than 2014.

  3. Those look great and the contrast with the trim behind is very effective when viewed through the railings.

    Good neighbours ( especially those wielding paintbrushes!) are worth their weight in gold.

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