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Harold. As Santa Claus. In April

Previously, I wrote about Harold and Wilma, two of the most fabulous people I have ever known. After buying the Cross House I was eager for them to come and visit for I knew they would adore the house and that the three of us would be like kids let loose in a candy story. Sadly though, Wilma was injured shortly thereafter, and she later passed on. I felt as though a piece of my heart had been torn away.

Then, last fall, Harold contacted me about a visit.

“Could I stop by?”

YESYESYES, I replied!

Harold arrived with his daughter and her husband and we had a wonderful time. At lunch, we shared stories about Wilma and laughed and teared up.

A few weeks ago I heard from Harold again. “Could I stop by again, and with some friends?

It seems that Harold had been telling stories about his fall visit, and now his friends wanted a tour!

Well, whatever Harold wants is OK by me. Anything for Harold.


Harold, and his wild & crazy friends. From left: Anita (Harold and Wilma’s daughter), Laura, Kathy, Machelle, Harold, and Tom (standing).


Harold also brought me a present!!!!!!!! I pulled it out from the bag and gasped! Gasped! A BUILDER’S CATALOG!!!!!!!! The book is hundreds of page thick and filled with windows and doors and mantels and kitchen cabinets and ironing boards and trim and just a zillion way cool things! AND, as if this wasn’t amazing enough, Harold…OMG!…OMG…OMG…


…gave me ANOTHER incredible catalog!!!!!!!! This one is particularly delicious and is filled with, the title notwithstanding, just about everything one can imagine. There are metal ceilings and gutters and hardware and stamped window cornices and other cool metal things of course but also non-metal things like toilets and sinks and a bunch of WAY AMAZING things. AND, as if this wasn’t amazing enough, Harold…OMG!…OMG…OMG…


…gave me ANOTHER incredible catalog!!!!!!!! AND, as if this wasn’t amazing enough, Harold…OMG!…OMG…OMG…


…Harold gave me ANOTHER incredible catalog!!!!!!!! Well, I was freakin’ out, man. FREAKIN’ OUT!


At last, we managed to get to lunch (at 4pm!). We went to Radius, and when I was asked what was good replied: “Really, everything. Really. But I know from experience that if I get the hot roast beef you will all say OH! I WISH I HAD ORDERED THAT!”

When the waitress took our order, everyone, save one, ordered the hot roast beef.

None were disappointed.

Laura ordered the Avocado Blackberry Salad (mixed petite lettuce, blackberries, sliced avocado, sliced almonds, and herbed tomatoes with lemon cucumber vinaigrette) and I must say it looked incredible.

When we all said goodbye before getting into our respective cars I gave Harold a looooong hug.

I love the guy.




11 Responses to Harold. As Santa Claus. In April

  1. What a great day! It’s good that you were able to get a taste of what it will be like one of these days when the public rooms are done and you can entertain friends with stories of how you did it, instead of explaining what you intend to do. And thank God for thoughtful and generous friends like Harold!

  2. I would say that these are certainly the gifts that keep on giving. I can only imagine the hours you will spend (and probably have already spent) pouring over all this information, cataloging it in your plans for future use. And every time you touch one of these books, you’ll think of dear Harold. They are beautiful books, by the way, and do you know what years they’re from?

  3. Wow! Amazing! How exciting! He knows. How wonderful to find such treasures and to give them to you, who will treasure them.

    I love how everyone easily fits on your fabulous couch!

    And I’m with Laura – I ordered the Avocado Blackberry Salad, saved half for lunch the next day and it was still divine. But yes, I’m sure your roast beef is good too 🙂

  4. Loved hearing about this recent visit from your friend Harold and what wonderful gifts. Thanks for sharing Ross and I am sure you will very much enjoy those priceless catalogues very much!

  5. What a small world, I thought one of the ladies in the picture looked sooo familiar. Yep, it is Laura. We live in the same town, and we know each other. Ross, the house is looking fabulous!

    • Thank YOU!

      It is always a delight seeing you and your dad.

      And thank you for the lovely gift, which I opened today! Yummy!!!!!!!!

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