The Cross House

I Spy…!!!!!!!!


BEFORE. The four remaining lost columns. 


AFTER. Four lost columns, magically recreated. Pretty as can be. 


I am soooooooooo excited about this.

Bringing back the many lost columns to the main porch is something I’ve yearned for, yearned for since 1999, well before I purchased the house.

And now, now, all the lost columns are in place. They are back. They are really there. Really!

So much damage is now…undone.

Time has been reversed.



7 Responses to I Spy…!!!!!!!!

  1. Ross, when you restore the railing on the wide curve of the porch, how are you going to get radius railing? I am very curious.

  2. …as the wizardly Ross waved his hands, 4 pristine columns appeared and added more zing to the houe’s grandeur.

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