The Cross House

I Spy…Oops.

BEFORE. The four lost columns.


TODAY. The four lost columns, resurrected. However…


…something is ah, amiss with #4!


Today was a “feels like” temperature of 101 degrees with the heat and humidity.

Ross not happy about this.

Installing #4 was in full sun.

Ross not happy about this, and he was soaked.

After much bonking pounding and swearing, the capital and column would NOT align. This would be easy with one person pounding on the right and another person simultaneously pounding on the left but with just one person it was all much ado about nothing.

Ross gave up.





11 Responses to I Spy…Oops.

  1. Toss, these two before/after photos highlight the huge difference removing the extra stone work that was installed for the grill. Quite a dramatic improvement. Keep up the good work, I love seeing the progress, but please take care of your body! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

  2. I hate it when that happens! Some things just require two or more people. Until the reinforcements are brought in this nicely summarizes the “ooops” moments inherent to restoration. It still looks fantastic, even if not perfectly aligned!

  3. Ross- sorry if you already answered this before- but what goes on the other side of the stairs? Because it looks like a spot for a column up against the wall?

    I was just curious because on my 1890 victorian I have 2 similar spots that have 1/2 columns (with the flat part against the wall)…maybe it’s there & I can’t see it?

  4. Scarlett is my hero. Along with Cool Hand Luke and the Unsinkable Molly Brown. You are definitely a never give up kind of guy Ross. Thanks for reminder about this Gone With the Wind quote. I often quote “ As G-d is my witness I will never be hungry again” but I had forgotten “tomorrow is another day” and that is a helpful quote. As always, thanks for joy and inspiration.

  5. There’s so much to do around there, I’m wondering how you decide on any given day what to tackle? You seem to be able to switch up priorities with great aplomb and dexterity. And skill. I’m impressed…daily.

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