The Cross House

Inching Along

The current focus is shingling to the right of the window. The shingles on the left side have now been primed (dries clear). Three more rows of shingles and the work is done!


This corner seems never-ending and I will be SO grateful to relocate!



8 Responses to Inching Along

  1. It seems the Cross house will never be “done” but in the future after we are all long gone, people will marvel at YOUR craftsmanship and attention to detail that has preserved the ROSS HOUSE for future generations.

    • Blair, the reason this post is titled Inching Along, as are so many other posts, is because I, too, am a slug.

  2. I admire your diligence so much. It is not everyone who can take on something so daunting. You are one of a kind, Ross, and I am grateful to be able to witness this glorious work that you are doing.

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