The Cross House

Inching Along…a Bit To The Left.

With the four porch columns now in place, and the scaffolding tower moved, work can now shift to completing this wall in the SE corner.



9 Responses to Inching Along…a Bit To The Left.

  1. WOW. I continue to be so impressed with your attention to detail. Following your blog has allowed me to get a glimpse at what one of these wonderful old Victorians may have looked like newly built.
    It’s a very special experience, thank you for sharing with us!

  2. I so appreciate the ingenuity our ancestors had concerning heat abatement! Tell me Ross, are there any indications of screening on this porch? Sitting on the front veranda would not be a problem because there were hand fans, but a sleeping porch might need screening for pest control. I’d also be interested if this porch has a slight slope to a drain into the gutters? It would seem to me that, given the very open construction, there would have to be a drainage system for when storms happened. After all, as much as we like to pretend it doesn’t, rain frequently becomes blowing storms, and water has to go somewhere. I don’t think that Mrs. Susan would make a maid go mop up the porch. Surely there has to be! Mr. Squires would not neglect such an important detail.

  3. I have sparkling wine in the fridge, just waiting for the day you post that this corner is finally finished, Ross. Your work is amazing and your patience enviable. I look forward to toasting this corner of a magnificent house.

  4. So impressive. The effort and care that you’ve put into this corner will have such a lasting impact on the house for another 125+ years. Well done!!!

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