The Cross House

Inching Along. Slowly.

A few weeks ago.


Today. You can see that the triangle under the big window is now done.


And that little area took much of the afternoon.

That it happened at all was because the weather suddenly jumped to fifty. Whoee!!!!!!!!

That little area took so much time because it involved a lot of odd angled shingles, and each had to be measured and fitted into place. Often, they didn’t fit so had to be recut. And often after all that, the original shingles (turned over and sanded) split in half (or worse) when nailing even though they were pre-drilled.

And all this happened by lying down on the rough roof shingles and hammering at odd angles.

The large area to the left of the big window should go lighting-fast by comparison!



7 Responses to Inching Along. Slowly.

  1. I had to shingle a wall a few years ago. Are you using a battery powered circular saw? This really made my time on the scaffolding much more efficient. I think mine was a small diameter blade – maybe 5″?

  2. If there is some kind of award for Heroic Restoration I will nominate you for it forthwith. Your dedication to the details constantly floors me. I’m a big fan of slap-dashery, so your patience just makes my head swimmy. Charge on, intrepid Ross, and may a million restoration angles sing you to the finish line!

  3. Just remember the Sistine chapel and how Michelangelo suffered for his art. 😀 You’re an arteest! 😀

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