The Cross House

Inching Along. SQUEE!

The upper landing, before.


And today.


I painted the walls a greenish taupe, which is close to what the kitchen seems to have been painted originally. The frieze is a lighter color.

Between the two, I will reinstate the lost picture rail.

The colors are meant to be temporary, which means that I did not obsess over them! If I win the lottery, or marry very well, I will recreate the original wall paper to the stairhall, frieze paper, and ceiling paper.

The window trim has been tacked back onto the left window. The many layers of paint are gone and the trim is now bare wood and some of the 1894 faux oak graining still. And you know? It looks OK so I will leave it until I can find/afford a faux artist to recreate the 1894 finish.

I am ridiculously excited about getting this one wall all pretty! So very soon!


7 Responses to Inching Along. SQUEE!

  1. I agree Ross, this looks fantastic. At this point, I feel, all that is necessary is to make it presentable and livable. And as time and money permit then go back and put in the original look. Looks great!

  2. You have every reason to be excited. Even this small bit is such an improvement. Your house feels happier and more beautiful with each little bit you restore.

  3. Truly a miraculous wonder! (I’m referring to the fact that you didn’t obsess about the paint color) 🙂 😉

  4. What a feeling of accomplishment! I’d try a few coats of thinned shellac on the trim. It seals it, highlights the wood grain and/or the grain painting, and it is easily removed if you don’t like it.

  5. It’s always amazing how the paint changes and enhances the windows. You do an excellent job of matching that up ..

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