The Cross House

Inching Along. Squee x Ten.



After. Squee! Click image to enlarge. I still have some work, including installing the base. I have changed my mind about leaving the trim As Is. It really needs to look more like, color-wise, all the rest of the trim in the upper stairhall. Now, it just looks like unfinished pine. The color I choose will just, in the end, be the base coat for the later faux bois finish. But…while all this looks great, look what happens when you…


…stand back. One is met with a  surreal sight, indeed! Nonetheless, my goal was  to honor the stained-glass triple windows by giving them a proper “frame”.






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  1. The wall and windows look wonderful, Ross. Small victories win the war, and you have come so far in five years. Like so many others here, I look forward to the evening you post that you are spending your first night in the Cross House…

  2. Wowsers, this is stunning, Ross. A terrific testament to your hard work and vision! Well done on getting this far with it; I’m sure it’ll give you a boost every time you walk by / look up.

  3. Paint that last green wall, Ross, just do it!!!!! I’m blown away with this improvement, absolutely the best bang for your buck, wow!!!!

    • I agree, if only with primer – even the “worst wall” looks better than the green (grin)
      The window wall is stunning!

  4. So beautiful!! Makes you wonder who looked at that radioactive green and said, “Yeah! This will look GREAT!” Thanks for all you do and for sharing it with us.

  5. Looks Awesome. Glad to see you are managing all of the projects you have going, at this house and elsewhere.
    OT – When you get a chance, check out the article below:
    In particular, the second image in section ‘3. Console Sink Vanities’. Maybe this might meet your ideas for honoring the original design of the house while still being different enough to not convince people it is period original? (Just a suggestion.)
    OT2 – Any chance you could do a ‘Wanna Meet My…’ post for you stained glass windows? Eventually, of course.
    OT3 – I.T. Suggestion – Any chance you and your website team could include some type of search function for this website? So that people could look up specific items? Bonus if the comments could be included, as there is a lot of knowledge shared there!
    OT4 – Any chance you could do something similar to what JMG does and have an open topic post, where people here could converse in a comments format? (Maybe once a month? Due to you juggling so much.) Possibly providing a discussion topic, like, oh, I don’t know, { 😉 }, whether Murphy’s Oil Soap is good for wood and various finishes or not?
    OT5 – Teaching section (for fellow commentors) – To all the other commentors here, just in case you may not know, using the captial letters OT is meant to mean Off Topic. (At least that is how I am using them here and how I have seen it used on another blog/website.)
    Another bit of comment info is the use of ‘/S’ at the end of a comment to indicate that you are being sarcastic. For example, ‘I can’t understand why everyone is complaining about the Radioactive Green wall. It just adds so much to the design! /S’ (Since I may start commenting more here and I am pretty much always sarcastic, figured it might be good to let you know. Since sarcasm doesn’t translate well to the written word.)
    Thank you Ross and all of the commentors here who have taken the time to share knowledge with everyone. I greatly appreciate it.

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