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Introducing…the Cody Sconces!

Last month, Cody brought to my attention a pair of gas/electric swivel sconces. The first pair I’d ever seen available! I hesitated buying them however as they seemed not quite…right. I knew the shades were wrong, as were the shade fitters (the metal cups the shades attach to). But, I figured I could fix these issues.


After the sconces arrived, I also realized that the fancy gas fittings were not likely original, either. The casting quality was less than the acanthus leaf detail above the electric socket. So, this is my “renovated” version.


The sconces were larger than expected, and they do not quite work in the parlor. They are also L-swivels, and I need Z-swivels for the parlor. Later, I will move the sconces to the foyer where they should work fine. In the meantime, I am THRILLED to finally have sconces to each side of the mantel, where they keep the Kenny clock company!. Thanks, Cody!




11 Responses to Introducing…the Cody Sconces!

  1. The sconces are quite different, I’ve seen the gas/electric combination in light fixtures but not sconces. The shades are beautiful.

  2. Very nice! I also appreciate the idea of them being placeholders there until you find “perfect” ones and move these elsewhere. I tend to do that kind of thing myself :-).

  3. The sconces are great! Looking at the picture above, I know now why I like the new wall designs. The walls are now a beautiful backdrop for the room, which is how it should be. Before, the random stencils were competing with the fireplace, moldings, picture rail, and pictures. It’s hard to believe that, in this case, more is less…and that is a good thing!

  4. You’re right..they don’t quite work where we had hoped. And good LORD they’re bigger than I imagined! But still, the fact that we finally found a pair is a victory in itself! Let it be known that if I’m good for nothing else, that I am quite cable of *finding things* that are hard to find!

    If you’re not going to use the unoriginal bobeches/candle holders, I have a project fixture that they would look great on. I would gladly purchase them from you 😉

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