It is all Lacie’s Fault. Part 1.

Lacie Hamlin was the realtor who sold me the Cross House. She is smart, delightful, and gorgeous, and I have greatly enjoyed getting to know her.

Last week, Lacie sent me a text image: a grouping of old lights which were for sale.

Was I interested, she asked? If so, how much should she pay?

The small image was not much to go on, and I replied: $20?

I then instantly forget about the discussion.

Today, I received another text from Lacie. She was leaving the lights on the back porch of the Cross House.

Obviously, she had purchased the fixtures.

Oh. Cool! I think.

About an hour later I arrived at the Cross House, and gazed upon the collection of lights.

My heart speeded up a bit, for I recognized the fixtures as being by Moe Light, and also knew that I had the original catalog images. OK, very cool!



There was one large fixture, and this proved from Moe’s Camelot series.



And how fabulously retro is this?



The fixture pulls up/down from 23-inches to 47-inches.



The large white metal shade is ringed with eighteen “Aurora Borealis oyster crystals”. When the fixture is unlighted the crystals have a amethyst hue. Lighted, the crystals have a golden hue. Magical!



My online vintage lighting store.


  1. Megan on May 6, 2016 at 11:42 am

    I was reading an article about this lovely old house, and stumbled across a photo of the billiard room. Check out the lights above the pool table! I dug through your posts because I swore I had seen them, but this I think may be what I was thinking of. It has that nifty pull down feature! I love that they have them on different heights in the listing photo, makes them so much more dramatic!

  2. Californianinkansas on October 21, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    I don’t normally have much of an opinion on lighting, but when I saw the (first and second photos) lighting fixture, it made my heart race from it’s beauty.

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