The Cross House

It’s Baaaaaaaaaack!

I am very excited to announce the erection of scaffolding on the remaining portion of the Great North Wall. That is Josh on level 2, and Justin on level 3. I am working hard taking the pictures.


And even more scaffolding! During the next few days we will erect a bunch of wood sticks so I can reach the tippy-top, as well as walkways between the two towers. Now, all I need is good weather through the end of January to paint everything. Being Kansas, this might be possible. It will seem a miracle to have the Great North Wall completed. And the house looks SO much better in the historic colors, and with the windows restored and gleaming.



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  1. You boys are really going to town – making excellent progress in spite of all odds – three cheers from chaotic Portland, Oregon!

  2. I bet the people on your street are really thankful for you. The “before” pictures showed an eyesore that no neighborhood would want. Now they get to look at this beautiful work of art.

  3. I CANNOT wait for that beautiful curved gable to be done!! Have I mentioned your curved window gables are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE feature of your beautiful home? To see it finally done up in those Cross House color is going to be such a joy!!

  4. I just noticed your repair work on the triptych of windows on the side porch. Were there no attached columns and capitals on them like the upper landing windows? hat seems odd, since they are more in your face.

  5. Looking good! Scaffolding is a sign of progress (with the exception of one house in our neighborhood, which has had the same scaffolding up on one side since we moved here 6 1/2 years ago. I’m pretty sure the scaffolding needs restoration at this point!)

    Looks like the cold front is going to hit us here in Omaha tomorrow night. Hoping it holds out better for you down in KS!

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