The Cross House

It’s Official: Ross is a Big Ding-Dong

So, the roofers are inching away at the Cross House.

Last week they tore like five layers of roofing off the top of the octagon tower.

I was preoccupied, and not paying attention.

And when I did pay attention, it was too late.


The Cross House, circa-1932. See the octagon tower? Courtesy Mouse Family archives.


See the finial? This vanished long ago. It is sitting of roofing #2. The original cedar shingles are under.


Today. New shingles! Whoee!!!!!!! The round tower is, gasp, next!


So, why am I a ding-dong?

Because when the roofers were tearing off the layers upon layers of shingles, it did not occur to me to say: When you get to the original cedar shingle layer, let me know. Because I suspect the outline of the lost final will be obvious, and I can take images, and get vital dimensions to recreate it.

But this thought did not enter into my head until after all the shingles were torn off, thus erasing all evidence.

Yesterday I talked with Chris from Groh & Sons Roofing. He told me he had, indeed, seen clear evidence of a lost finial.

Yep, I am a ding-dong.



8 Responses to It’s Official: Ross is a Big Ding-Dong

  1. Oh Ross, ask Chris to seriously consider what he did see. He may be able to give you an idea, concept of size and shape.
    It is worth a prime rib dinner. He has seen much on other roofs, so hopefully this will have stood out in his conscious and sub conscious. Let us all pray. Good luck Ross ! You’ve been so very diligent.

  2. That is revolting development. Can’t you get some information from the old pictures? After all there must be a lot of pictures of old finials
    around. Maybe close to yours. After all a finial is a finial. We need a finial. Good luck with that. You will figure it out.

  3. I don’t remember seeing the 1932 picture before. Interesting…the house has changed colors, but isn’t white yet. I do sorta like how they accented the “eye” in the north gable. I also wonder what the wire or rope was over the front steps; fastened to the posts, and diagonal to a point above the steps. I would love to see pictures of our house through the years. My grandfather’s cousin gave me one from 1903, but I don’t have anything else up until we moved here 20 years ago.

  4. Oops. I would say you still have a very high batting average. The point is to keep moving forward. The roof looks great!

  5. All is not lost concerning the missing finial. You have the existing finial on the round tower, so, have the roofers take measurements of it for you then using the 1932 photo where both finials are shown you can create a scale from the existing one measurements to determine the size of the missing one. Two other possibilities are getting the size of the existing asbestos shingles or the size of the individual bricks in the chimney (behind the octagon tower), either or both could also be used to create a scale to determine the size of the missing finial. Hope this isn’t too confusing and will help with your excellent restoration.

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