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KELLY SAVES THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my previous post I lamented, lamented, the great trial I was undergoing. Thwarted by curtains! Oh the horror! The horror!

So, Kelly, who runs my very favorite blog, read my post, and then contacted me. She had been doing a store-by-store search for the curtains I could not obtain! While I could only find one panel (I need eight), she found three! But I still needed eight.

Drat again!

Still, I was amazed that Kelly would spend all this effort. Soooooooooo sweet! Particularly as we have never met!

Well, we were both nonetheless forced to give up.

….or so I thought. You see, Kelly proved that she is FAR more brilliant than I ever will be.

She send an email. “Did you check to see if the longer size is in stock?”

Ahh. No.

But Kelly already did.

Ten minutes later I had a confirmed order for eight panels. I cannot afford eight right now (see previous post) so put the order on a credit card.

And, I would like to announce to the whole world: I LOVE KELLY!


MINE! Thanks to Kelly!

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  1. lol 🙂 I kind of was hoping the size you were looking at would be at my local store, then I could order them for you and tell my husband that I just bought curtains…for another man!

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