The Cross House

Lighting like it’s 1894!

Today, I hung period-correct gas/electric sconces in the round bedroom!


The sconces are in the original location, which is low, as they would have been above a dressing table.


Now I ache for a period-correct dressing table!


I purchased the sconces a few months ago, after they were brought to my attention by Bo Sullivan.

The round bedroom is now the second room in the house where I have installed gas/electric sconces in their original location. Which makes me very happy!

Thanks, Bo!!!!!!!!



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  1. Looking Great!

    As a side note, I cannot believe the glass in those windows is actually curved to fit the tower, along with the sashes and the stained glass panels. Incredible that they could do this!

    • I agree. I think if a carpenter today was asked to do that he’d wine and bitch how hard and how much time it would take.

  2. Oh how wonderful! So Pretty! Oh and I love that dressing table. I hope you find one like that. A.H. it is simply amazing what they could do back then.

    • Given that Ross sells antique and vintage lighting, it makes perfect sense that he would want to experience the transformative effect that quality fixtures can have on a space. Restoring an old house can be very draining – both physically and mentally. From a psychological perspective, I think installing the fixtures now makes perfect sense as they beautify the space while helping to keep morale up. Plaster won’t likely be patched for a long while; adding a bit of refinement now won’t hurt a thing and the fixtures can easily be removed and replaced when it’s time to repair the walls. Sometimes its just necessary to do things like this – even if not in optimal sequential order! Good job, Ross!

    • Hi, Cory!

      Hanging the sconces (even though the room is a wreck) is quite inspiring.

      Inspiration fuels me.

      And I need all the fuel I can get!

      Moroever, by hanging the sconces, I realized that the electrical box is too large (It’s wider than the fixture cover plate). Changing to a smaller box will be easy now, but would be a nightmare if the room were finished and painted. Yikes!

      When I begin repairing the walls and ceiling, the sconces and chandelier will be taken down. This only takes 5 minutes. In the meantime, I get immense pleasure in their beauty and what they add to the room, its current condition notwithstanding!

      • Yes Ross I LOVE that you hung the lighting fixtures before you completed the plaster! I would have had to do that to to experience the immense satisfaction of seeing how the light works in the room. I can easily see the entire room finished as I know you can. We passed a store this weekend called “Visual Comfort” (a lighting store) and my husband said “most people experience physical comfort, but you experience visual comfort “ He was so right. I know we are kindred spirits that way Ross.

  3. I pictured a bed going there. So would the bed in this room have the headboard up against the southern wall? Is there room for a full sized bed there?

    • The only location for a bed in 1894 would have been on the south wall, between the bathroom door and closet door.

      The bed likely would have been a single, for the granddaughter who, I assume, occupied the round bedroom.

      • In the 20’s and 30’s they made gorgeous french styled curved dressing tables- they are carved within an inch of their lives and stunning (and not rare) I Know its a later vintage than the house, but check them out they are lovely!

      • Well, I say you don’t go period-correct, and you design one. I bet it would be amazing in that room.

        Though I think you’re using that room for an office, not a bedroom. Maybe a period-incorrect curved desk?

  4. I really like the contrast between the finished sitting room and the wreck of the round room. It really speaks volumes to the beauty and opulence of the house hiding under the dust and rubble. The lights are going to look right at home once you do your magic, Ross.

  5. Those lights are just fantastic… A soft glow going up and a usable lighting below, not to mention overall light form the center. Add the glowing colors of light through the windows, and it is just beautiful. I would never get any work done. You could name this room office envy. Good work.

  6. OK, read the title of this post, and now I am sitting here humming “Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1894…dontcha wanna go? 1894!” 🙂

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