The Cross House

Louis. The Tease.

Last June, Jim and Cindy, and Phyllis and Louis, visited the Cross House..


Phyllis and Louis, and their son, Nathan, lived on the expansive top floor of the Cross House in the early 1970s. I did a post about this, here, which y’all really liked.


Phyllis and Louis explained that this now gutted room had been their kitchen, and that the narrow window to the right held a stained-glass panel which Louis had made. They thought they might still have it. Scroll way down…






















Squee!!!!!!!! Louis sent me this photo-shopped image! 


They did find the window, and I can have it! But…they are holding it ransom…until I visit…to pick it up in person!

I have been wanting to visit for months and it looks like I will be able to do so in February!

Then, fingers crossed, I can post another image…NOT photo-shopped!



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  1. Ross, I started to follow your blog ever since I saw that you had purchased the Cross house on Old House Dreams (which is my drug of choice…lol). But then life got in the way, and I stopped following around 2016…so… recently I resumed stalking your posts and am addicted again!! Damn you!😵 Last year,my husband and I sold our Victorian home (that we had put our heart and soles into for 25 years) and downsized greatly to a 1954 mid century ranch with many original features like our PINK St. Charles metal kitchen cabinets in almost pristine condition! I do think you and I were separated at birth as I admire how meticulous you are with EVERY project you do on your grand baby! I do believe it was fate that led you to your home as I love how you have found SO many original aspects of the home! I have talked about how funny your posts are to my book club girls and we are interested in reading one of your published works. Could you suggest the one that would be best? And could we find one thru our local libraries? Keep on posting!!! I so look forward to them!!

  2. Oh wow, this is FANTASTIC‼ Just so SO perfect, I love that they’re holding it to ransom to make you collect it in person, LOL!

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