The Cross House

More Colorful Windows!

The Cross House has an amazing 42 stained-glass windows. They are the glory of the house.

And they were all falling apart.

The Kansas Heritage Grant awarded to the house in 2015 allowed the restoration of 3/4 of the windows, and this work is now completed. A second Heritage Grant, awarded this year, will complete the remaining windows.

However, before each stained-glass panel can be re-set into its wood sash, the sash also has to be restored. So, there is always a time lag between the triumphant return of the stained-glass windows and their return to their respective rooms.


The stained-glass library windows are back in place!


The long bedroom windows are back in place!


The east and west windows of the long bedroom look like this.


Sooooooooo gorgeous!


All the stained-glass is being restored by Scott and Eric at Hoefer Stained Glass, and it has been a pleasure working with them. Thanks Scott and Eric!

And thanks Kansas Heritage Trust!!!!!!!!




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  1. Oh Ross!!! These are beautiful! Spectacularly beautiful! Bravo to Hoefer Stained Glass! This is so exciting to see the house come alive again!!

  2. Applause and hugs to you for doing the work to conserve those beautiful stained glass windows. Your pendant lamps are breathtaking. I can’t wait for a full reveal.

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