The Cross House

More Painting!

In a week, the scaffolding should be gone...entirely!
Last week…


…and this week! See the huge change? See it? See it? OK, maybe not a huge change. But I have managed to slightly creep down alongside the chimney. See?


Last week!
Last week.


This week!
This week! And tomorrow is The Great Attempt! (To install a piece of missing lap-siding. CURVED lap-siding.)


Last week. The north porch roof has this astonishing detail on its side. You really cannot even see it unless standing on scaffolding, and I owned the house a year before noticing it. That it exists though delights me.


This week!
This week! I am charmed that in 1894 the installers could not quite get the flourishes to fit under the trim (left side) so just cut them. I adore the big ball.


The massive chimney, and its massive weight, has caused it to sink by 2.5-inches over the last 122-years. This has dragged along the adjacent wood parts of the house, causing some havoc. Like, see the lap-siding?


Last week. It no longer, havoc induced, touches the trim to its right. Which means water can get in. Which is bad.


Last week. And the corner trim has also gone wonky. This, too, is bad. longer!
This week! But…no longer! Whoee!!!!!!!!







9 Responses to More Painting!

  1. Ross, would you please consider sharing your paint color info? I love your palette, and was thinking it might work great on my house.
    Thank you!

  2. Whoo! Love to see the progress. Love the flourish on the eave. Love this blog.

    Also: I love the word wonky. It is one of my favorite words. And I love that you know it and use it too.

  3. It is really looking good, Ross. It is also good that you share the original builder’s pride and dedication to detail. Nothing looks sweeter than a job done right, and nothing looks worse than a [email protected]$$ restoration.

  4. I won’t lie to you – I was seriously trying to figure out if that bright red chimney was going to continue to stick out like a bright red brick thing, but it actually compliments the house colors BEAUTIFULLY.

  5. Amazing. I love this house so so SO much! I check the progress every time I drive by. Thanks for rescuing my favorite house. It’s really looking good!!!

  6. looks to me like you should finish painting just in time to start around again and then it will be even more fun as you’ll be 10 years older. ah, the joy of old houses

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