The Cross House

More Roofing!

The turret yesterday…


..and today!!!!!!!!
..and today!!!!!!!! They should finish tomorrow. And also tomorrow I am taking the finial to WF Norman for rejuvenation! ROAD TRIP!




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    • It was a joint effort! I did several blog posts on the issue, and this is the color which was the clear favorite of commenters!

      And I am thrilled! Thanks everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank you, Kelly! Now go to bed!

      • I was quite surprised to come across it at all, stumbled upon it while searching for additional pieces of my own hardware (which may as well not exist it seems). You know you want to make a lowball offer, the need compels you….

  1. Can’t wait for your post about your trip to WF Norman. Please take lots of photos. I want to know all about them!

  2. Awesome, Ross! Looks so good! (And I also really like your planters on the limestone? caps – lovely!)
    Have a TON of fun on your road trip – if you can, take and post pics so we can come along with you.

  3. Ross, I’ll have you know that the past two nights I’ve had your site up on my browser and have been obsessively refreshing it in the hopes for a new post. I NEED MY FIX, MAN! LOL

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