More Scaffolding!

Recently, we took down the forest of scaffolding surrounding the round tower. Whoee!

This week we put up scaffolding so I could paint the dormer window, and one side of the octagon tower. Whoee!

So, bit by bit, the original colors are returning to the Cross House.

NOTE: I am much happier standing on a stationary platform than precariously standing on a ladder and will more often than not go for the former rather than latter. For example, you see the gable end of the dormer? How can one paint such an inaccessible location? But now, I have a full-width rigid platform. Nice. The whole dormer scaffolding only took about three hours to construct; an investment of time well worth it.

NOTE: See the three arched windows on the second floor? The one over the right (south) obviously drooped just a few weeks ago. After jacking up a section of the second floor, and installing a steel beam, the droop is gone. This makes me very happy. I suspect the window feels the same.



November, 2014.



Ta-da! Dormer painted! Scaffolding down! On to the octagon-shaped tower! [Note: plexiglass is temporary while window sashes are being restored.]



Now the octagon-tower scaffolding has expanded to the left so that I can access the side of the tower. The carriage house is to the far right. Painting in November is always dicey because the temperature needs to be above 50 degrees. But the forecast for tomorrow is 61! So, guess guess I will be doing?



  1. Laura on November 7, 2018 at 5:22 pm

    Hi so I have read thi far into the story and love it. But…. why haven’t you repaired the tower roof? I noticed this a while back, so am curious.

    • Ross on November 7, 2018 at 6:10 pm

      Keep reading, Laura!

      Your question shall be answered!

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