More Small Moves

I have been busy of late in the library, and will have a LONG post…soon.

In the meantime, I have this small post, about a small move.

The Cross House has four entry doors, one in each direction of the compass. The south entry was the principal family entrance, and it opens onto the porte-cochère. I never use this door; indeed, it is screwed shut. For now.

Today, a car barely fits into the porte-cochère. It was, after all, designed for a horse. However, by enlarging the width of the drive, my mini-van will fit, and then I will use the south entrance, once again, as the principal family entrance.

The upper part of the south door is glass, in two colors, and three textures. Kinda cool. The glass all seems original.

However, one pane was smashed. I have no idea for how long, but these small things bug me.






Ouch be gone! Whoee!


I took a piece of the broken yellow glass to Hoefer Stained Glass, and they, miraculously, had one small vintage piece of the exact glass. One can imagine my great excitement.

However, when I returned with the precious triangle, I realized I had measured wrong. Poo. But, AAA Glass, once again, came to the rescue, and re-cut the glass for me!

I bedded the glass today.

So, while this morning there were 859,936 things to repair at the Cross House, this evening there are only 859,935.

Small moves, Ellie, small moves.



Ellie. And dad, Ted.

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