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More Stained-Glass Windows. A Giddy Update

In June, I did a post about the traumatic removal of the stained-glass transom windows in the Octagon Bedroom. With the windows removed, the room looks denuded. And kinda dead. One doesn’t realize how much life the stained-glass windows add until they are gone.


The windows were restored, but then the wood sashes they fit into had to be restored, too, and then came the LONG waiting period for the glazing to dry. But, after much ado, the windows are now back in place, and…


…yummy they are to behold.


The stained-glass windows also add much to the exterior. Particularly at night. Like wow.



Before, the windows were beautiful. Now, after all the glass has been cleaned in an acid bath, they GLITTER! As you walk by, they sparkle as if a zillion fireflies are somehow flying inside the glass. The effect cannot captured in an image but is delightfully, wondrously, and magically evident in person. I walk back/forth in the rooms with restored stained-glass, back and forth, with a big smile on my face and a giddiness in my heart.



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  1. The windows! And the railing! Gosh, the house is looking so much better. It must make you smile every time you drive up.

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